Y2K Fashion Style – The return of a golden age

Y2K fashion style – The return of a golden age Y2K fashion style with a series of designs that used to “cause fever” in the 2000s is gradually returning to the beat of the modern fashion.


Y2K, short for the “Year 2000”, is a term for a technology breakdown that arose in late 1999, when older computers had difficulty storing data in the new millennium. Often associated with the early years of the 21st century, the Y2K fashion style is influenced by changes from technological advances.

Not only towards the modern and sexy look, but Y2K fashion also represents the hope for a more prosperous and developed era. Experimenting with styles, constantly changing images, but still highlighting yourself were the priorities of fashion followers at that time.

The Y2K style made a comeback in the fashion world this year in part due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic when the entire society was encouraged to live and work at home. The rapid changes in lifestyles and dependence on technology have caused many people the same stress and anxiety as 20 years ago. Besides, the increasingly popular trend of buying secondhand is also a factor that brings the designs of the 2000s back to the fashion circle.

Actively supporting fashion style Y2K is a part of Z-gen youths who grew up with technology, love to shop at second-hand stores, and always appreciate their personalities.

In the early 21st century, cardigan sweaters often have a broad form, used to wear school clothing.

In 2020, the cardigan returns with a fitting badger shirt, which can be worn separately as a crop top. The combination of a uniform skirt and high-waisted jeans are some of the popular choices of stars and fashionista in the world.

Flared jeans and baggy cargo pants have become an indispensable mark in the Y2K church style thanks to the influence of Hip hop culture. In the 2000s, these pants were often washed colored, low waistband, and no back pocket. However, by 2020, the design of the high back is more popular. The flared pants suitable for the body not only bring a stylish look but also help the wearer “cheat” to significantly height.


In the 2000s, the corset design from the 18th century was the inspiration of many cult fashion houses. Corset shirt “covers” throughout fashion streets, red carpet as well as other important events Through many improvements from material to design, modern corset not only helps women shape the body but also brings comfort.

From the traditional lace shirt, the traditional belt to the fancy corset belt, this will be the piece that makes the outfit more unique and interesting.


Up to now, a number of classic designs such as saddlebags, baguette “bread” bags are still loved by many world fashionista. Most recently, in the Fall-Winter 2020 fashion week, the Prada mini shoulder bag that “stormed” in 2005 was renewed, once again covering the fashion streets.


At the beginning of the 21st century, sandals appeared dense on many fashion catwalks of Balmain, Thierry Mugler … and also appeared in famous dramas such as Friends, Sex in the City … Besides simple designs, pastel square-toe sandals have been especially popular over the past two years.


The hairpin can be easily purchased and is combined in many styles due to its variety of designs and colors. This accessory is also loved for its ability to bring a youthful, lovely look to the user. Not only is Gen Z popular, the styles of stone clips, pearl clamps also capture the hearts of girls who pursue vintage aesthetic.


Tie-dye motifs were associated with the hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s and gradually became popular in popular culture at the end of the 20th century. The culture’s liberal, open, and energetic spirit These are some of the values most cherished by modern young people. You can manually dye tie-dye outfits and create a variety of styles from athleisure to menswear.

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