The return of craft fashion

Along with the statement of sustainable development, environmental friendliness, fashion made of traditional handmade techniques is not only an effective solution today but also a prevailing trend of the fashion industry in the world.

With no appointment, the fashion runways of spring-summer 2020 fashion houses around the world are flooded with crochet techniques in collections. The phenomenon of fashion houses simultaneously promoting manual techniques, fashion trends, has been loved since the 1970s.

Diverse and youthful transformation

From monochromatic smooth designs to bold vignettes, crochet knitting has reappeared and has become one of the hottest fashion trends in the first half of 2020, with a liberal spirit. and fresh.

The art of macramé (a handcrafted form of knotted textile), patchwork form (a handcrafted patchwork of fabrics), designs with elaborate applique details, etc. appear flooded on the catwalk, on the street, in the promotional photo album, etc.

The trend of the times
One of the impressive highlights in the recent hand-crafting fashion trend is a young designer like Katie Jones with designs with high aesthetic value. For Jones, craft fashion contributes to a positive change to the environment, minimizing harmful effects and at the same time promoting liberation from the constraints of traditional manufacturing. In particular, Jones sells fabric patterns and tools so that users can create their handmade fashion products.

Handcrafted fashion is no longer a simple conceptual design but a work of art. Recently, the Cucculelli Shaheen brand has launched a new line of amazingly beautiful dresses, combining 3D scanning technology with sophisticated hand sewing techniques, on the occasion of the exhibition “Ex Machina” introducing the research about the mixture of technology and handcraft in fashion takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. That’s exactly what the brand is doing, to bring a new wind to the contemporary fashion industry.

Conventional tailors will measure each part individually to get detailed measurements, but 3D technology only needs to scan all with infrared rays to get the parameters of each area of ​​the human body accurately to each millimeter. Long skirts were hung like paintings and each had its mark. Behind a handcrafted fashion design is always a story and inspiration that is not easy to find in industrial production.

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend specialist, affirms: “Each piece has its own story, whether it’s from the process or from the producer, it all creates unique beauty. unique for “handmade items.”

People in the world affirmed that handmade fashion would explode in an exciting way. Gary Markle, president of the craft department at NSCAD University in Halifax (Canada), said that the development of craft products is associated with the rise of the DIY movement (the process of building by hand. exchange without expert assistance). This activity creates a premise to help people realize and appreciate the products of their labor, because they need to embark on their own implementation of all stages of the process.

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Last updated: October 14, 2020


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