The basic fashion styles you should know

The twist of fashion in the flow of time is a story that is difficult to end. Over hundreds of years of development, along with the names of a series of prestigious stylists, fashion styles have gradually been formed.
Here are 6 fashion styles typical for women, let’s explore how fashion changes diversely.


Or also known as the Parisian style, is the embodiment of French girls. Feminine, loving, elegant but no less luxurious and polite. These are adjectives to refer to Classic style, the most typical is the fashion designer Coco Chanel, the fashion icon, the spirit of “classy and fabulous”, the proud son of France.

The classic style has no age restrictions. No matter what age you are, this style always brings an indescribable luxury aura if the wearer makes the most of its advantages

The main colors of this style are black, reddish-brown, cobalt blue, white, etc. and the design is mainly cut lines that embrace the body, highlighting seductive curves.


Fashion believers are no stranger to this name. Minimalism is inspired by the art of Japanese origami paper folding, with designs that are as detailed as possible with fine lines, elaborate details, keeping only the basic shape and simplified colors.

The main material used to create minimalist designs is usually fabric with the right thickness to create the necessary shape such as tapta, tweed, felt, etc.


Liberal, nomadic, irregular, and vibrant are the words to describe the Hippie style. Features are smooth clothes or dresses, many layers and ruffles, do not follow any coordination rules and often come with accessories, headbands, etc. creating a seemingly smooth overall. but very reasonable.
Appeared from the early 60s in America, the Hippie style from its inception to the present has captured the hearts of Western girls with an open lifestyle and open-minded thinking. In complete contrast to Minimalism or Classic style, Hippie is like a bastard but clever to give fashion a very impressive and indispensable presence.


Often mistaken for Hippie, Boho style is inspired by the fluffy tails of early fashion combined with much more feminine motifs, pleats, and tenderness than style. Hippie. That is clearly shown through long dresses that touch the ankles, accessories are rings, bracelets made of rush rope with large flowers, braids, etc.


Becoming more and more popular on the runways or the most glamorous fashion streets, the Sporty style ignores all the stereotypes that they’re just for sweaty workouts. Thanks to convenience, comfort, and especially design variations, the Sporty trend is more and more popular and favored by a series of stars.
The characteristic of Sporty chic (the girls who like the Sporty style) is often found in loose and loose-fitting, tight hoodie or tank top, with very large number prints or prominent white stripes on the dark pants. The best friends of these girls are sneakers, sports bags, or caps.


It comes from school and the main inspiration is taken from the uniforms of the middle and upper classes from 1912, and gradually became popular in the 1950s. Preppy became the American term for just a modern cultural beauty in both the American lifestyle, dress, and makeup. The inherent classics and rhythms of this fashion style include the harmonious combination of outfit and makeup, style, and behavioral standards.

Preppy’s highlight is the “clean” seams with high quality and meticulous machining. Preppy says no to cumbersome accessories, outrageous details, or bold, sexy cut lines.

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