Saffron Yellow – Bring sunshine into the seasonal wardrobe

Are you ready to discover saffron gold, one of the warm colors that is warmly welcomed back to the Fall-Winter 2020 catwalk?

Saffron yellow is a light amber golden tone with a hint of orange and brown named after the world’s most expensive spice – saffron pistil. Compared with mustard yellow tones, saffron yellow is bright and has a more orange color. Saffron often appears on brilliant designs of Spring – Summer. However, the constant frequency of “coverage” of saffron yellow over the past few years has partly confirmed that this is not a color gamut born just for the summer.


Saffron both has the accentuation of a hot tone and is also balanced with a neutral brown shade. Therefore, this tone is not only suitable for many different fashion styles, but also less fussy skin. Shining bright on the catwalks, saffron appeared throughout the Spring – Summer fashion season stretching until Fall – Winter. From flared maxi dresses to office items, walking street, saffron gold promises to conquer fastidious fashion followers.

Being in the bright color group of the spectrum, the saffron yellow tone does not make the outfit dazzling. If the yellow color represents joy and happiness, then the saffron is to enjoy it with moderation and flexibility. Keeping everything in balance, saffron gold can be easily combined with a variety of colors or blended into monochrome.



The saffron yellow color is used by designers on many different materials such as silk, khaki, glossy leather, wool … A saffron silk dress creates a luxurious, luxurious look while leather is suitable for the girl seeks an alternative. Wide-legged pants or khaki miniskirts bring a dynamic and healthy feeling.


Do you love the colorful maximalism or pursue a minimalistic, elegant look? Blending hot and cold tones, saffron gold becomes the perfect base for you to combine with a wide variety of colors on the color wheel. You can mix saffron colors in Pop of Color (a striking color on a monochrome overall) or ton-sur-ton for a striking look.

The yellow-red duo challenges the girls’ ability to match colors, but at the same time brings impressive visual effects. The way between purple and yellow tones creates a softer and more harmonious overall because of the balance between hot and cold colors. A yellow handbag or shoes is an ideal start for girls who prefer to wear minimalistic outfits.

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Last updated: October 9, 2020


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