“Outdated” fashion principles

Say “No” to a maxi dress because you don’t have an impressive height

People of modest height are often advised not to wear maxi dresses or skirts as they will make you look shorter. Or maxi dresses are not for people of modest height.

The truth is girls with short bodies can still wear long dresses. The secret to wearing beautiful here is to choose the right size clothes or find a reputable tailor to have clothes that fit your body. Also, don’t forget high heels or canoe shoes to look taller.

Brown and black shouldn’t go together

Many people believe that black and brown are often not suitable when worn together. In fact, this pair of colors is not too fussy about the wearer, from skin color to body shape or age. With a little touch of accessories or a combination of materials, you can completely create impressive wings with just two neutral colors.

Bags and shoes are always the same color

The fashion principle of handbags and shoes that must always be the same color is said to be quite conservative. There is no denying the uniformity and harmony of this duo bring, but the contrast brings a different, more impressive highlight to your outfit. Fashion always motivates people to innovate and create, turn flaws into strengths.

Use gold and silver accessories at the same time

You may be advised not to combine gold and silver accessories or jewelry together. However, it will give you quite interesting results.

You can also mix different textures such as gold: rose gold, gold, or white gold.

Do not wear leather clothing in summer

Leather is a quite heavy and thick material, so it is often not considered an option for summer. However, try combining a leather jacket over a feminine dress or maybe wearing a leather short with a crop top, you will see the impressive opposite effect that it brings.

 Sweatpants are for home wear only

Sweatpants are always considered the right item for the days when you need the comfort of your home. But last year’s fashion has shown us a strong trend in sport. In other words, sweatpants can completely make a trendy outfit.

This personality trend is not too strict in style, from feminine to unique, unique. To avoid being “lost”, be delicate in choosing the color and pattern of the socks to match the shoes and outfits.

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