1. Niagara Green: The symbol of 2020 fashion color trends

Topping the list is the classic green color, gentle but impressive, and evokes many emotions. This blue color is inspired by the soft, smooth Niagara Falls with the cool blue of the water.

When it comes to Niagara blue, you can easily think of the dusty yet soft denim fabric after special treatment. In addition, tulle is also a feminine material when dyed in Niagara blue.

  1. Primrose Gold: A breath of ancient Italy

If you’ve ever seen the cult movie “Call me by your name” set in summer in Italy, you will see the familiar Primrose yellow. This tone is noted as outstanding and creates a warm feeling of the Summer sun and brilliant primrose flowers.

  1. Green Lapis: Fashion trend 2020, liberal and confident

Lapis green is commented on as “measuring the shoes” for girls with a strong and decisive personality. Visual prominence is unquestionable. Not only that, but this is also the color suitable for many skin colors.

  1. Red Orange Flame: The most shining flame in the summer of 2020

Among the 2020 color trends, this is the most dazzling color, as its name suggests – Flame. Orange-red is a combination of two hot tones, giving the wearer an eager, cheerful, and enthusiastic mood. Orange-red is also very easy to match, can be mixed with neutral outfits is the easiest, or bright colors to create a beautiful impression set.

  1. Greenery: The fashionista’s interest in nature

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for fashion houses, not to mention in the context of the wild destruction in 2019 like the forest fire event in Australia. The liberal fashion houses, even more, want to spend a commemoration and remind everyone to join hands in protecting Mother Nature more than ever.

The characteristic of green is to bring a pleasant sensation to the eyes. Greenery green can also be combined with pure white or Lapis green.

  1. Kake broccoli: Strange spice in the fashion color trend of 2020

Broccoli was inspired by kale or military blue. This is the ideal color for fashion houses specializing in the production of strong sportswear. Not only that, but canola green color is also expected to rise to become the main color tone in the fall of this year.

Although not a very prominent or unique color, if not a bit bland. But it has its own appeal to the fashion world.

  1. Hazelnut chestnut color: “Deep Note” is worth the fortune in the fashion color trend of 2020

Chestnut color tends to be brown, easily mistaken for a somber, dull note like a melancholy note in music. But it is a very valuable “bass note”, containing lightness and elegance.

Even the famous global fashion and cosmetic brands have kept their eyes on the chestnut color. It has shined its way into catwalk designs and is highly regarded.

The fashion color trend of 2020 contains many new things and surprises. Each color tone has its own beauty and story. Hope the above information will help you in choosing and coordinating outfit colors in the future.

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