Niagara Green: The symbol of 2020 fashion color trends Topping the list is the classic green color, gentle but impressive, and evokes many emotions. This blue color is inspired by the soft, smooth Niagara Falls with the cool blue of the water. When it comes to Niagara blue, you can easily think of the dusty […]

The basic fashion styles you should know

The twist of fashion in the flow of time is a story that is difficult to end. Over hundreds of years of development, along with the names of a series of prestigious stylists, fashion styles have gradually been formed.Here are 6 fashion styles typical for women, let’s explore how fashion changes diversely. CLASSIC STYLE Or […]

The return of craft fashion

Along with the statement of sustainable development, environmental friendliness, fashion made of traditional handmade techniques is not only an effective solution today but also a prevailing trend of the fashion industry in the world. With no appointment, the fashion runways of spring-summer 2020 fashion houses around the world are flooded with crochet techniques in collections. […]

6 items that create a “fever” for hair accessories in the Fall – Winter 2020

Whether you pursue a dynamic athleisure or love the romantic beauty of the Cottagecore style, the following 6 hair accessory suggestions will help you create a different highlight in the new fashion season.The year 2020 marks the rise of classic accessories, including hair accessories. Most of the trends are inspired by previous decades but are […]

Saffron Yellow – Bring sunshine into the seasonal wardrobe

Are you ready to discover saffron gold, one of the warm colors that is warmly welcomed back to the Fall-Winter 2020 catwalk? Saffron yellow is a light amber golden tone with a hint of orange and brown named after the world’s most expensive spice – saffron pistil. Compared with mustard yellow tones, saffron yellow is […]

Y2K Fashion Style – The return of a golden age

Y2K fashion style – The return of a golden age Y2K fashion style with a series of designs that used to “cause fever” in the 2000s is gradually returning to the beat of the modern fashion. WHAT IS Y2K FASHION STYLE? Y2K, short for the “Year 2000”, is a term for a technology breakdown that […]

Fall-Winter fashion trend 2020: The rise of the maximalism style

The Fall-Winter 2020 fashion trend marks the rise of fringed designs, bulging sleeves, or frilly collars. Nature-inspired colors are also fast becoming a trend. In addition, big shoes and handbags also “occupy the waves” throughout the catwalks from New York, London, Milan to Paris. FRINGE – FULL OR ATTRACTIVE MOVES Fringe has become one of […]

9 “golden rules” when attending fashion week you may not know

HOW TO PARTICIPATE THE FASHION WEEKNormally you will not be able to purchase tickets for Fashion Week, all attendees will receive an invitation. The guests are mainly customers, partners, journalists, and close friends of the designer. If you are a magazine representative or intend to own that collection, you should contact the designer’s manager so […]

“Outdated” fashion principles

Say “No” to a maxi dress because you don’t have an impressive height People of modest height are often advised not to wear maxi dresses or skirts as they will make you look shorter. Or maxi dresses are not for people of modest height. The truth is girls with short bodies can still wear long […]

What is tweed fabric? Learn about tweed fabrics

Tweed fabric is a warm, good-keeping material. In the early days, tweed fabric was woven from pure coarse wool and now it is combined with other materials such as mohair or cashmere. Tweed is also known as a thick, waterproof material specialized in making jackets and warm clothing. The person who is credited with transforming […]