9 “golden rules” when attending fashion week you may not know

Normally you will not be able to purchase tickets for Fashion Week, all attendees will receive an invitation. The guests are mainly customers, partners, journalists, and close friends of the designer. If you are a magazine representative or intend to own that collection, you should contact the designer’s manager so that they can arrange for you a seat at the show.

Each fashion show will usually come with an intimate party. This is the time for the designer to connect with their customers, partners, and friends in a more comfortable and cozy environment. However, not everyone who attended the show was able to come to this party. You need to have invitations exclusively for special guests.


When you become a guest of the show, you should prepare yourself most professionally and professionally. And one of the main factors in that demeanor is attending the show on time. To avoid unnecessary risks along the way, leave your home 30 minutes or 1 hour before the time you think you should have been there. For example, the time on the invitation is 8:00, you want to be there at 7:50 then you need to make sure you are done with everything and leave home from 7:20.
Besides arriving on time, you should also be prepared to wait until the guests are in full and start the show. Meanwhile, you can come to greet and exchange to expand relationships with other characters in the same industry.

According to reporter Derek Blasberg, the secret to making a good impression when attending a fashion ceremony is to maintain good manners. Because sometimes while you wait for the show to start someone will wave at you and want to come over to talk. At that point, you should wave your hand in reverse and respond with a friendly reply.

“I think it’s passed the time when people have communicated in a hard and cold way, but mistakenly thought it was a manifestation of fashion. That has been thinking since the 90s and they need to change now. Meeting in this event is a blessing, and I think this event will not be for those who behave inappropriately. “

If Vogue is confirmed to attend a show, the show will not start until Anna Wintour enters and finds her seat. As the powerful editor-in-chief of Vogue for three decades, Anna Wintour is an indispensable face on the front row of major shows. In addition, Anna Wintour will also be the first to leave immediately after the designer’s greeting.

Hats that are too prominent or have a wide brim are not welcome at fashion shows. Since the set-up of the stands are usually arranged in rows, wearing a hat that is too big and obscures the view of others in the middle of a show is seen as a lack of sophistication. You can use hats when taking pictures but be sure to take them down when the show begins.

At fashion shows, the dense appearance of the lens is something that any guest must get used to. Cameras will be virtually everywhere, even if they aren’t directed at you. No one can know when I will “appear” in street style photos or sudden photos of others. Therefore, guests need to keep a good look and limit impolite actions during the show.

Placing full attention on the collection being showcased on the catwalk shows your respect for the designer. From time to time you can still talk about cool things you accidentally caught with your neighbor. Also, you may not be able to walk, talk loudly, or try to speak to someone sitting too far from your surroundings.

Besides, trying to capture modeling moments on the catwalk by phone is not only distracting but also ineffective. Capturing beautiful moments with a wide-angle has been done by photographers. Hence, unless it is absolutely necessary or wants to share short moments with friends, you should still enjoy the live performance.

You should admire the general designs from top to bottom. Besides, sitting cross-legged for hours can be uncomfortable, but they can create a good sitting position when sitting in the front row. However, you should also pay attention that the sole of the shoe does not get too deep into the catwalk, hindering the photographer’s work.

This rule is based on a habit of capturing memorable moments on the catwalk with a smartphone, especially at the conclusion of a show. However, this can inadvertently make the performance embarrassing due to the lack of crisp applause.

The “tap-spin-tap” rule will help you find the right answer. The guests should clap their hands when one by one the models come to the end. Then, filmed the moment the catwalk was filled with staging and spent a round of applause for the designer before the end of the show.

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