6 items that create a “fever” for hair accessories in the Fall – Winter 2020

Whether you pursue a dynamic athleisure or love the romantic beauty of the Cottagecore style, the following 6 hair accessory suggestions will help you create a different highlight in the new fashion season.
The year 2020 marks the rise of classic accessories, including hair accessories. Most of the trends are inspired by previous decades but are tailored to young fashion followers. Along with the return of fashion styles such as athleisure, aesthetic, Cottagecore, Y2K, etc. being loved by the Z gene, hair accessory becomes an indispensable piece, is a way of expressing her aesthetic taste and personality.

The Boho inspiration and the Cottagcore fashion style brought back the bandana scarves to a great extent. This scarf style also appears in Gucci’s Fall – Winter 2020 collection and the latest in Dior Cruise 2021. Not limited to country outfits, bandana towels are also combined with modern streetwear outfits and clothes. swim to the beach.


Large canvas headbands, often found in gyms and gyms, are becoming more fashionable and stylish. Sports headband used to appear heavily in the collection of fashion week Fall – Winter 2020. Not only brings athleisure inspiration to the outfit, but the fabric headband is also a powerful “assistant” in hot days. , helps you to neatly fix the hair before the forehead.

You can choose a headband of the same tone or a contrasting color to the outfit to create accents. When choosing to wear a large canvas headband, streamline the attached earrings and give preference to compact designs that match your facial features.


Girls pursuing a romantic and nostalgic look now have a new item to add to the collection of hair accessories. Like bandana towels, bows and ribbons are “promoted” again in part thanks to the Cottagecore fashion trends.

If the bandana square scarf is inclined to the rustic, rustic, the ribbon hair gives a luxurious, noble look like the noble ladies. Dexterous girls can make their bandana towels or hair ties from materials that are easy to find and available at home such as redundant fabric, old gift-wrapping ribbons, etc.


When it appeared on the Spring – Summer 2020 runway, the necklace quickly attracted much attention and was updated by many fashionistas soon after. Like hair jewelry, this accessory is made of metal, is beaded, and ranges in length from 30 to 50 centimeters. In addition to the rope style, there are also headpieces inspired by the 1920s fashion.

What makes these hair accessories so popular? The first is a unique and novel design. Focusing attention on your well-styled, colorful metallic strands can “upgrade” your look to be more impressive and stylish.

The second advantage lies in their usability. You don’t need to spend too much time styling, instead, attach these metallic strands spontaneously to long erased hair or ponytails. In terms of color, you could have the clip the opposite color of your hair and outfit. This will be the ideal choice for girls who want to “change the wind” for simple everyday hairstyles.


Although not appearing on major catwalks, the hairgrip promises to create a “fever” in the coming time when many stars and world fashionista are actively promoting. The hairgrip is usually only used to hold up hair when doing housework or during hot weather. But now that the hairstyle is considered “old” and less fashionable, the hairgrip becomes more stylish and youthful than the variations into a butterfly, shell shape, etc.
Those with thin, not too long hair can use a large hairgrip to clip their hair up on hot days. If you have long, thick hair, tie the back half of your head and use clips that are similar in color to your outfit for accents.


The colorful plastic clip is not too unfamiliar to girls. After many years since the 1990s and 2000s, the plastic hairpin returned with the wave of retro fashion and once again conquered the women with the pretty design.

Similar to crab clips, colorful plastic clips, although absent on the catwalks, are “covered” in music videos of female stars from u to Asia as well as social networks such as Instagram, TikTok.

You can express your creativity by spontaneously using multi-colored plastic clips. In addition to the hairstyle on the sides, the fashionista also clamps everywhere in the hair, including the back of the head and nape.

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Last updated: October 14, 2020


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